First, I was kinda surprised to see an increase in my blog viewers. -Thank you! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and heartfelt comments with me. I really appreciate it! 🙂

Second, I had this feeling last night. The kind of feeling that you just want to lie in bed and let yourself be lost in thoughts. Weird. I never had that feeling for quite sometime. Well of course, this world has evolved into a fast-paced, high-tech planet. You’d be left behind if you can’t follow it’s pace. But honestly, sometimes it’s tiring. Do you agree?

And so, this leads me to my next topic – Change.

They have a lot to say about change.

Change is inevitable. Change is the only permanent thing in this world. Change is for strong people. Change is a  process. And so on and so forth.

Why do people change? Why is it so difficult to change? Why is change invented?

Change. This won’t sound strange because all of us knows that change is difficult to accept (well, at first. I’d say).

I’m thinking of having a big change in my Life. Not now, but soon. It’s just that I am really afraid and I have a lot of questions and worries in mind because I was so used to my comfort zone. I’m used to staying inside the box day in and day out. I am so comfortable with the people around me. I like and love what I am doing. But are these all enough for me to stay? and eliminate change?

I’m still asking signs (from up there) with what should I pursue.

Is it best to stay and be safe?

Or is it worth the change I’ll make?

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