#NikeRise featuring LeBron James

I was not really a fan of Basketball until I met my Husband. He introduced me to his world and I was so amazed and I was in awe.

We were one of the lucky few who were able to get FREE TICKETS (insert happy face here!) for the Nike Rise which will be held tomorrow at the MOA Arena, Pasay City.

THIS.IS.SO.AMAZING! Finally, it was written in the stars. Magkikita na si Maynard Martin Vergara and his Ultimate Idol LeBron James! 🙂 I’m so happy for you babe. If only they knew na si LeBron talaga ang first love mo. hahahaha!


Before talaga nya ako ma-meet e mahal na talaga nya ang Basketball. (Talk about Ginebra and NBA)

Dati nagseselos pa ako at naiinis hanggang sa wala na ko nagawa at minahal ko na lang din ang basketball. Exciting naman pala, because of watching NBA and PBA mejo dumami ang alam ko sa Basketball, dati kasi ang alam ko lang si Jaworski kasi my Dad used to watch it din when we were kids pero syempre ayoko nun. Di ko mainitindihan. Pero ngayon, wag ka! Kaya ko na din makipagsabayan sa kapatid kong lalaki pag nagkwekwentuhan sila about NBA. haha!

I am so excited for tomorrow! 🙂 Excited ako for Martin kasi talaga, mahal na mahal nya si LeBron! Nababaliw talaga sya lalo na pag NBA tapos Clevelend pa! Ay talaga, sabe ko sayo wala yan iba naririnig at nakikita. Kaya tomorrow sabi ko sa kanya, gagawa ako ng banner para mapansin ako sa TV.

Me: Babe, gagawa ako ng banner for LeBron. Ano kaya pwede ilagay?

Martin: Wag na! Nakakahiya.

Me: Bahala ka! Gagawa pa din ako. Ilalagay ko dun, “Please be our BEST MAN.”

Martin: Nakakahiya.

Me: Babe, minsan lang dumating to sa buhay mo. These are the moments that you should not let pass you by. Make the most out of it. Malay mo bigay nya sakin yung shoes nya.

Martin: Hindi yun kasya sa’yo. Akin yun. Tapos ipa-pa-frame natin yun.

Me: O kaya, bigyan nya ko ng free tickets sa NBA games.

Martin: Wala ka passport.

Me: Kukuha ko.

So yun, tomorrow is going to be epic! 🙂 Lalo na for my husband. And I am one happy wife here. I’ll share you the details of what will happen.

Thank you Nike Rise!!! 🙂 ♥


Haters gonna hate LeBron


I’m not really a big fan of Basketball nor the NBA. I was just watching my husband shouting and yelling when NBA games will start. I was slowly introduced to the world of Basketball when we got married. So, I became aware of how Basketball is being played. Unconciously, I found myself starting to have sweaty hands and cheering for the Team. So I learned how intense the games can be (especially during finals).

Have you watched the latest interview with LeBron James after Game 5? If not, you can watch it here.

If you’ll try to watch the entire interview, I personally feel that the interviewers were the ones who puts the words into his mouth. So I would say that he just made his answers epic! 🙂

I like the way he plays, honestly. He’s good. Consistent triple-double stats? Back-to-back Championship with Miami? What else are you looking for in a player? Yeah, I’ve heard some say “He’s not MJ (Michael Jordan).” – If you are really a fan of Basketball, you will notice that the moves he’s doing is not a copycat from MJ’s. (It was more like Kobe Bryant who does that) So why the hell would you say that he’s not MJ? Of course he isn’t. It’s because, he is LBJ. He has his own persona once he enters the court. He has his own style. He has his own mindset. He has his own game.

Come on guys, let’s give the guy the credit. If he said that “He is confident because he is the BEST PLAYER in the world.” It’s because it’s true. It’s the truth. And he has proved that – several times. You just have to admit it to yourself. Stephen Curry plays well, but I think he still has a lot of work to do in his Basketball Career.

I just don’t get it why people needs to be so mean when they critique LeBron James. I’ve been seeing a lot of name-calling.. What’s wrong with you people? I just feel bad for the guy. Everyone has a talent, LeBron has a talent when it comes to Basketball. Period.

Picture it this way, when you graduated from Highschool let’s say you graduated with honors. Because you know you studied very hard and you gave your all, so you deserve the medals, the trophies and the awards. If someone will ask you “How confident are you to enter College?” I bet your answer will be somewhat similar with what Lebron said. “I am confident that I can go to any University that I want because I graduated with honors.” So there, that’s why I think LeBron answered that way. Because he knows. He has proven that several times.

Stop hating people. Look at the bigger picture before you post anything on your Facebook wall. We get the point that you hate LeBron James, but calling names and cursing? That’s just not Basketball. It’s more on insecurity. 🙂