I shall Return. -Steph

I know..I know. Super duper over mega hyper tamad ko mag-update ng blog since last year. I have lots of stories to tell:

  1. How did my wedding go?
  2. Saab’s 3rd birthday
  3. Christmas and New Year
  4. Updates pa more about how my life went

Diba? I really wanted to show you the pictures during my wedding as in! But as you all know I did not hire a professional wedding planner and that leaves all the work to me. Di ko naman kasi akalain na ganun pala ka-stressful magplano ng sariling wedding no! Hayaan nyo next time I know na what to do. But I can say that it was really fulfilling. 🙂 I’d also share with you my ratings for my suppliers. I have so many utang blog posts na huhu.

Pagbalik ko kasi ng January aba! Yung mga trainings namin e back to back to back to back! Dinaig pa yung pagsalubong ng kamag-anak sa bagong uwi na OFW e. Ganun ang pagsalubong namin sa New Year! As in ganun na nakaka-pressure. Medyo bagong client kasi namin to kaya Big Deal kung Big Deal talaga. 🙂

So yeah, I’ll try my best to compose myself para I won’t be ngarag and I’d be able to share with you our Big Day. As of the moment, let’s enjoy muna the weekend. 🙂 hihi

The Modern Way of Disciplining Kids

Last Sunday was just like any ordinary Sunday for me (well, that’s what I thought).. Doing the laundry and looking after my not-so-little-girl anymore is REALLY an ultimate MULTI-TASKING skill that I need to master.

My gosh! She’s really growing up that fast – I thought to myself. She ‘s growing up so independent and very vocal about her thoughts, which I think is a good sign.

So there, back to my story.. last Sunday as I was doing the laundry while she is watching TV I told her to take her afternoon nap, but she insisted not to. I think this is what they call the terrible two’s. Seriously, my tot is really testing my patience, she would go in and out of the house, go near the laundry area which will make me scream at the top of my lungs fearing that she might slip or trip herself and all you can see on her face is shock and teary-eyes because you just yelled at her. Gawd! Seriously?! 😦 And all of a sudden you’ll start hugging her tight and whisper “Mommy’s not mad, I just got scared that you might hurt yourself if you keep on doing that.”.. after a few seconds, she’s back to normal and will do the same thing again like nothing happened.

Puhlease?! And me? Yes, I was left clueless. I did just yell right? And I just almost got mad. But look at the kid, back to her normal, energetic mood. Going in and out of the house (again!) while singing in the tune of hi-5, and happily stomping and jumping with excitement near the laundry area.

And then I thought to myself, what can be the best way to discipline my daughter? Considering her age is 2.5 years old and it is given that she is exploring her surroundings and the people around her, which sometimes most of the time gives me a mini-heart-attack.

According to a study, punishment is better that rewards system. I am, in all honesty guilty of doing the rewards system at all times. I always buy my daughter new toys and stuff because she was behave for the last two weeks, I am not a fan of punishment kasi. I grew up without being spanked by my parents (yes guys, believe me. Baet ko ano? 🙂 ) Anyway, ayun na nga. For me kasi, punishment will bring tears and fear to children.. of course I want my child to be happy every time. But, what I was not able to realize is that; one way or another my daughter will get hurt. No matter how much I protect her, she will cry, get rejected, and have her heart broken. That was my mantra before that’s why I don’t like to scold or yell at her even if she’s doing something wrong na. I was thinking kasi, we can just talk it out and have it discussed in a calm manner. But for the last two nights, I was wondering if “face the wall” will work for her. Other studies naman suggested to limit her TV time, or don’t let her play with her favorite toy.

I’m just having a sigh for this. It’s only now that I realize it really takes guts to raise children. You will really learn to extend your patience to the highest level and make you research on the best way to discipline them. Right? But then again, at the end of the day what’s important is you get to explain to them why you scolded them or why you did not let them watch their favorite TV show. As a parent, that’s the most important thing to do. Let’s not scold them or worse embarrass them infront of their friends or other people; we can probably talk to them in private and make them reflect on what they did wrong.

We love our children so dearly that we always want the best for them. And for them to have the BEST in life, they need to understand the importance of DISCIPLINE.


I’ll give you an update on which best suits Saab’s behavior. I’ll try first the “Face the Wall”, if this does not work I’ll try to limit her TV time.

Thanks for reading mommies! ♥ Happy Tuesday!

mother’s thoughts

“When one becomes a Mother, her life is no longer her own.”

Every mother will agree to this. If we go back to those days when all that matters were breastfeeding and baby clothes, we’ll all realize that being a mom is the hardest and rewarding part of a woman’s life. You will suddenly realize that shower is such a luxury; you can no longer take your “me time” in an hour. You have to make sure that everything is done (shampooing and conditioning your hair, rubbing off those dead skin cells using your favorite strawberry scented shower gel) in less than 15 minutes (phew). You will also realize that your perfume for the past couple of days, weeks, months is your self-produced breastmilk. Sounds too much? But yeah, this is true most of the times. There will be a lot of privileges that’ll be taken away from a woman once she becomes a fully-dedicated mother to her children. So who says that being a mom is an easy task? It’s one of the difficult jobs in the world.

I can still remember when I still don’t have Saab in my life and all that matters to me is my career and myself; not to mention my shoe and bag  addiction as well as the pleasure that I get in travelling.  I thought I have the best things in life, I get to enjoy my sleep every weekend without being bothered by my sister. I get to buy stuff that I want whenever I get my pay. I get what I want whenever I want something (well, in most cases). But everything changed when I found out that I am pregnant with Saab. I had this mixed emotions that women get to actually have. (you know, the fast-forward-thinking-thing, the what-if’s, the how’s) but at the back of my mind I was actually thrilled and surprised. Unlike any other normal pregnancy, it has become a real challenge for me since we found out that I had  a right ovarian cyst (dermoid cyst). Though it was non-malignant, it really scared me to death since I was advised by my OB-Gyne to have it removed while I am pregnant. It was a stressful situation to undergo, especially when you are in the peak of your career and you are excited to become a mom at the same time. I was advised that it can be bad for me and the baby if it ruptured, so we need to have a quick decision. I was four months pregnant when I had the operation. I had good and accommodating doctors (Thank GOD!) but the fear is still there. I had to undergo the same procedure with ceasarean section so they can take out the entire right ovary since the cyst is getting bigger and Saab is also growing so fast. Just imagine the pain I had to undergo having that 5 inched stitches while having a growing baby inside my belly. The doctors needed to check on me and the baby every hour to make sure that we’re both okay. The good thing is, it went well.

Carrying Saab inside my womb for 9 long months is a challenge. (financially, emotionally, psychologically and physically) Don’t get me wrong, like any other mother I had that ups and downs  when I was pregnant. I had those frantic days, when I get easily upset about little things. The unnatural emotions a woman feels when she cannot do what she wants (like hanging out with friends on a late Saturday night). Feeling envious of those stilettos from a random girl in the mall. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. suddenly changed.

But then again, I will say this and I will never get tired of saying this; the day I first set my eyes on Saab is priceless. When I finally got the chance to meet her and see her face-to-face for the first time, I could not be any happier. All that I’ve wanted, those shoes and bags and all the places I wanted to go to suddenly disappeared and all that was left is her and me. It made me proud of myself knowing I was able to surpass the pain of labor, the morning sickness and the sleepless nights.

Having Saab in my life is never easy, having children is never easy. There will be a lot of adjustments that need to be done. Once we become parents, it is more than just a task but it is a lifetime commitment. We always think about them first before ourselves. We learned the true meaning of selfless love. We understood the importance of being strict. We realized the value of discipline. We understood the importance of saving for the future.

To all mothers out there, I know you also have your own story to share. Our children will only be a child once, so let us embrace it with love, understanding and acceptance. It takes a lot of time and effort to raise kids but seeing them growing up with the right guidance from us is such an honor.

So what are you waiting for? Go home to your kids and hug them, tell them how much you love them and shower them with hugs and kisses.

Steph ☺

To Saab, From Mommy

I still cannot wrap my hand and heart around it-it seems like it was just yesterday when your arrival made us a family of three..but here it is.

Like any normal family, we had our ups and downs but thankfully, the good outweighed the bad. You’ve come out of your shell and begun to show us your personality a little bit at a time. Like a sponge, you soak everything up and then test up your new found knowledge eagerly the first chance that you get. Counting from one to twenty, or singing along to any Barney song become your favorite things to do. Even sending unreadable messages to mommy’s phone contacts and manages to remove my favorite photos from my phone, it amazes me to no end how skilled you are at using it.

Your smile can light up a room and never fails to brighten up my day no matter how tired or stressed out I am. You have learned about compassion and your kisses, hugs, accompanied by pats on the back have comforted me.

Now, I can no longer imagine my life without you in it. Yes, it is and will never be easy being your mom but it cannot also be happy and contented without you in my life. I love you to the moon and back Isabella, and even if you are already 18 years old you will always be my baby.