Post Birthday Entry and some Good News from my Fave Mommy Blogger

Ayan na nga ba ang sinasabi ko, lumipas na ang birthday ko hindi man lang ako nakapag-update ng blog. (insert sad face here) Napaka dami ko pa namang kwento!

Anyway, better late than never. Can I say that I have the most A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Friends and Family?! 🙂

I’d like to thank everyone who greeted me through FB, twitter, my blog, text message and e-mails.

ISANG MALAKING THANK YOU PO! 🙂 I have received a lot of blessings in life na minsan e hindi ko na-aappreciate kasi I am so busy counting my problems instead of blessings.

I told my officemates, parang I won’t be able to have a Very Happy Birthday kasi hindi pumasok sa pay ko yung bonus ko pero I was wrong, totally wrong. Madami pa pala talagang mas makakapag-pasaya sa isang mababaw na tao like me.

  1. Having the BEST MOM in the World who never fails to take care of me kahit na I have my own family na. Yung tipong isang text ko lang na, “Ma, pupunta sila Josica dyan mamaya, luto mo ko spag.”  – Walang ka-abog-abog na magluluto for me and for my friends. Thank you so much Mama! I am so lucky na ikaw yung naging Nanay ko. 🙂 And Mas na-appreciate kita lalo when i became a Mom myself. I owe my life to you. I love you to bits Mama! 🙂
  2.  Like what the old saying says “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.
    Ayan po, sila yung mga friends ko. Ang gulo gulo diba? (L-R) Cyd,Bo, Josica, Cha and Me

    Ayan po, sila yung mga friends ko. Ang gulo gulo diba?
    (L-R) Cyd,Bo, Josica, Cha and Me

     (L-R) Jeff, My Hubby - Martin, Marvin, and Cyd (again!)

    Jeff, My Hubby – Martin, Marvin, and Cyd (again!)

    As I go along life’s journey and blog about everything about me, mas makikilala nyo pa sila. And you’ll be so surprised how amazing these people are. We had an early Birthday Celebration in Yakimix. It was my first time to eat there, sadly I was not able to enjoy everything that my eyes saw. 70% yata kasi ng food puro seafood, e allergic ako. Ayun, ihaw-ihaw na lang ako ng BBQ tsaka kmaen na lang ako ng madaming desserts ♥ I Thank God for giving these crazy people in my life. Tried and tested na kasi ang friendship namin, dumaan na kami sa madaming pagsubok and the best part? We learned from each other. Kaya naman ngayon, mas clingy pa sila lalo. 🙂 Hihi

  3.  I have a demanding job. Not because I am working for a Private company pero dahil demanding talaga sya, period. Yung Stress Level ko minsan mas matangkad pa sa kin pero I am thankful that I have my Team with me. BTW, all-girls po kami. lol 🙂



Ayan ang treat nila sa’kin last Wednesday, simpleng lunch lang but it turned out to be one of the BEST LUNCHES I’ve had. 🙂 Ang babait nila ano?

4. Matagal na talaga ako nag-bblog pero kasi I stopped dahil super busy ko ngang tao. Considering that I have my own family na din and I am working full-time. Pero, one of my hobbies is to read blogs until early this year I came across Mommy Fleur’s Blog. I was inspired to continue my passion in writing and expressing myself. I realized na hindi hadlang ang pagiging busy kung gusto mo talaga ang ginagawa mo and if it’s for yourself, for you to become  who you really are. So naging ritual ko na ang pagbabasa ng blog nya cause I find it therapeutic especially pag stressed ka sa mga bagay-bagay. I super admire her because she juggles work, family and her love for doing small things for herself nang naka-heels! That’s why I so love her talaga! Pramis! Tapos, she had a contest for her readers.. e syempre isa ako dun so I joined at wag ka! I won. 🙂 hahahaha

You can read the full details here. 🙂

Ang saya diba?

5. Lastly, my birthday won’t be complete without the love of my life. ♥ (Aside kay Martin syempre!)


My Darling Isabella 🙂 Ang wish ko for my birthday, basta healthy ka lang lagi and wag ka magkakasakit okay na ako dun. You are the greatest present I have received in my life and I won’t trade you for anything else. Iba na talaga pag nanay ka na ano? Dati kasi ang wish ko, new shoes, new bag, I want to travel.. but when I had Saab everything revolves around her na. Even the Happy Birthday song sounded very special if she was the one who’s singing it. 🙂

Above all, I thank God for giving me another year to celebrate with my loved ones. Another year to meet new friends, all across the globe (that’s you!) and learning new things together.

It was indeed, a Happy Birthday for me! ♥


18 going on 28

I’m just counting the days and I am eventually 2 years from getting 30 years old. They say 28 is too young. There will be a lot of realizations and lessons that I will come across as I grow older. And yes, they are apparently right. Actually, even if I don’t wait to be a 30-year old career woman I have learned and still learning a lot of things about life.



Last night I had the advance Birthday Celebration in Yakimix. It was my first time to try out their buffet, mejo mas feel ko ang Vikings pa din or Dad’s. Probably because most of the food available in Yakimix are seafood, e I am allergic to seafood so di ko ma-enjoy at baka maisugod ako sa Makati Med ng di oras.

Anyway, though I just made myself busy eating more of the desserts I just realized that I am lucky to have our friends around us. Sila yung tipo ng tao na every Friday mararamdaman mo ang pagka-clingy. Kahit 8 hours na kami magkakasama sa opisina they would always make kulit to spend time with them. Like simple dinner lang or merienda tapos madameng kwento. Happy na kami nun. At napapadalas, overnight sila sa bahay. The boys are downstairs playing xbox while us girls will stay upstairs making chismis and looking after Saab hanggang sa makatulog na lang kami lahat. 🙂

I have gained a lot of friends but not everyone is there to stay, not everyone is there to be with you during your darkest days. Siguro swerte lang talaga kami ni Martin because we have friends like them. 🙂

My partner in crime - FOREVER

My partner in crime – FOREVER

We don’t have the perfect relationship. We are neither perfect. But we are perfect for each other ♥ Naks! haha

As I turn 28 on Monday, it will also be our third Wedding Anniversary. Ang bilis no? It has already been three years since we made our promise to each other to stay together for better or worse, in sickness and in health until death do we part. Nandyan yung tipong  mgkakasakit si Saab and we are left with no choice but to look after her kahit na puyat na puyat na kami. Andyan din yung papasok bigla yung mga tao from the past, at biglang wiwindangin ka. Meron din kami experience na we struggled financially and he needs to look for another job na minsan e di na kami nagkikita because of differences in our schedules. But I can say na we’re getting stronger as years pass us by. We are wiser and braver. We learned to prioritize things. We taught each other how to listen and understand. And most importantly, he taught me that the road to married life is always under construction – it’s always in progress. ♥

Lastly, my life will not be complete without Isabella. 🙂


She literally changed my entire life. From the way I handle things hanggang sa decision-making. She definitely made me a better person inside and out. Hindi man agad ibigay ni GOD yung wish ko na magkaroon ng second baby, I am still thankful that I have this bumble bee in my life. Dati ang dali ko umiyak pag pagod na ako sa work, but now that we have Saab bawal na yun. 🙂 I need to compose myself and learn the duties of Motherhood. I am not a perfect Mom, and I can bravely say that no one is a perfect Mom. We all have our shortcomings but the luckiest part of it is that no matter how imperfect we may look at ourselves,  in their innocent eyes we are always the perfect people.

Being 28 does not feel bad after all. 🙂 Knowing I have these treasures that money can’t buy.

Goodbye July, Hello August! – Feeling Thankful! ♥

Happy Monday my dear Readers/co-bloggers! 🙂

I hope you all are doing awesome while reading this entry. 🙂

It’s the third of August and it’s Monday! 🙂 I assume that most of us are on their panic mode. Whether you’re a SAHM or a Working Mom. Our job as Mothers are just pretty demanding!

Time flies mommies ano? Nakakagulat kasi isang pikit lang ng mata ko, hala! August na ulet. Birthday ko na 🙂

Sh*t I’m turning 28! For real?!

I remembered when I was still single, mga around 20ish yata ako nun. I made a list of the things I wanted to achieve by the time I turn 30. If I’m not mistaken I wrote there:  “I should have my own car by 25.” ;  “I should be able to travel the country”; “I should be able to pursue Medicine”; “I should have around Php 500,000 in my savings account.” Ang taas lang ng expectations ko before no? And I realized that wala dun sa mga plans ko ang mgkaron ng family and magkaroon ng baby.

Totoo! I’m not kidding. Sobrang OC kasi ako (until now). Ako kasi si “Planner” – hindi ako mabubuhay ng walang planner sa buhay. I want everything in order, lahat maayos, lahat dapat ready, lahat should fall into place kasi pag hindi, naku! Iinit ang ulo ko talaga. But everything changed when I had Saab. 🙂

When I first knew that I was pregnant, hindi sya agad nag-sync in sa akin. Kahit kay Martin. Talagang ngpatest ulit ako nun sa OB para matauhan kami pareho. Tapos ayun na, totoo pala talaga sya. I was 2 months pregnant na nung nalaman namin. Sabi ko talaga sa inyo mga mommies, nakakawindang kasi nga diba? We did not really expect it. So talagang struggle sa amin pareho yun. But I am not saying na ayaw namin mag-kababy. Ayun naman yung kahit kelan ay hindi sumagi sa isip namin. Siguro thankful din ako na si Martin yung naging hubby ko kasi not all men are brave enough to be a dad. Hindi ko naman minamaliit yung ibang daddies, of course meron silang kanya-kanyang reasons.

Nakakagulat lang mga mommies kasi, whenever I tried to look back and reflect on the things I have done in the last 27 years of my life. I can bravely say that meron naman akong na-improve sa pgkatao ko. Ang nakakagulat nga is that I became more responsible (totoo! Maniwala kayo, lalo na yung mga friends ko jan) 🙂

Iba kasi talaga ang adjustment pag naging mommy/parent ka na. Talagang LAHAT as in LAHAT ay magbabago. Idagdag mo pa ang napaka demanding kong trabaho sa bahay at sa opisina. We don’t have a yaya btw, so kami lang talaga lahat gumagawa. From the laundry, cleaning the house and doing other household chores.. and taking care of Saab.

I just realized na even if I did not plan on having a baby yet when I was younger, I was lucky enough to have Saab in my life. I may not be able to pursue Medicine but Saab taught me a lot of things na I will not be able to find in any book. She taught me the value of patience, hardwork and selfless love. I never thought I will be able to love a person na hindi ko pa nakikita. I never thought na may ie-extend pa pala ang patience ko.I never thought na I can tolerate such pain when I was in labor, for the sake of the one you love.

Right Mommies? I was just so happy that Saab was able to teach me a lot of wonderful and extraordinary things in life. 🙂

So there, as I go back and reflect on the things I have done in the past 27 years.. I can say that I am the BETTER VERSION of myself.

The Best Teacher I had so far was EXPERIENCE.

The Best Teacher I had so far was EXPERIENCE.

pre-birthday jitters of a Mom

How long can I keep you under my wings?

How long can I keep you under my wings?

Dearest Isabella,

The innocence in those two small eyes bewitch me. The smile from your pink lips fascinates me. The way you look at me is a treasure. How long can I keep you under my wings?

If some fancy time-traveling machine would take me back to the priceless moments we had together, I think a day is not enough. Whenever I look back, I still wonder how we were able to get pass the heartaches we had together. There you are, feeding your dolls, fixing your little nook and kissing each stuffed animal you have. I looked at you and my heart is full.

In the long run, I know I have to let you go. Your transformation from a cocooned caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly will be such a bliss. To see you spread those colorful wings and deliver happiness wherever you go is as priceless as you look me in the eyes. However, now that my fragile baby is with me, I’d like to keep you for as long as I can.

You are this sweet cupcake who sprinkles laughter and scoops out a cup of pure happiness in our lives. You are my precious little sunshine, your daddy’s little girl, Hatton’s bestfriend, your grannies’ joy, your aunt and uncle’s real life toy, your ninang’s little superstar. You hold a piece of our hearts  that no one else can fill.

Happy Birthday my darling Isabella!

my precious Isabella

My  darling Isabella

Under the Christmas tree

Under the Christmas tree


When I was a kid, I dreamt of becoming a Doctor. I picture myself working in a Hospital, curing and helping those who are sick. For sometime, it has been my greatest motivation in life. Even my parents used to have that idea, that someday after college they’ll have a daughter who will  pursue medicine. But my life is already written before I knew it, I never became a Doctor nor pursued medicine (I took BS Biochemistry though, and  BS Psychology in college).

I suddenly realized that the person I always wanted to be is “almost” the exact person that I am now. I got bored studying the origin of life and understanding the biochemicals and neurotransmitters in the human body. I was exposed to exploring the different behaviors of people, why and how they behave and how did it lead to such actions. It was fun I would say. I was surprised and glued to my three-inched Theories of Personality books, reading the theories of Freud and Carl Jeung, understanding child’s behavior from Jean Piaget, and memorizing and figuring-out Erik Erikson’s Theory.

Though I am not working in a big, successful Hospital, I was able to reach my dreams one step at a time. Getting the job career I’ve wanted, being an English Trainer in one of the most successful companies in the world. Walking the streets of a lovely city everyday, relating to other people and imparting them my knowledge and experience, getting married to the man who made my life worth living lastly, being a mom to the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen on earth.

The 27 years of existence is gift from GOD. I’ve learned, and still learning a lot. I’ve met people who made me and molded me to become a better person.