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My Wedding Journey – Church, Catering, Photo and Video Reviews

Better late than never.

I missed almost half of my blogging life last December. As you all know, I was extremely busy preparing for my “Big Day”. There were days weeks that I almost cried myself to sleep because of fatigue and lack of rest. I chose not to hire a personal wedding planner due to some reasons;

First, as a Bride I wanted to have no regrets of not being hands-on in my own wedding. I wanted to somehow have a personal touch in whatever I do so I decided to plan my own Church wedding, of course with the help of my friends, bestfriends and family. Thank you guys!!!

Second; I was quite afraid to be disappointed in whatever the outcome will be. Some brides were disappointed on the outcome of their wedding especially if it was not the one that they have in mind. At least, in my case I don’t have anyone else to blame but me. (But thank goodness it turned out to be perfectly fine.)

Let me share with you my experience in planning for my own wedding. There are also some realizations and suggestions that I can suggest in case you plan to be a hands-on Bride like me.

There are major things that you need to consider if you plan to get married, particularly if it’s going to be a Church Wedding. You need to have the following things in mind:

  • Church – For us, we my Mom chose St. Maria Goretti Parish in Pope Pius XII in UN Ave. Manila. I wanted to have a small church, well not small as in small. At least the invited guests can fit in. Plus it’ll look good in pictures because there will be no empty spaces. Yun nga lang, the aisle is not that long so if you really wanted to have your own moment to savor walking in the aisle di ma-aachieve yun sa small churches like St. Maria Goretti and Paco Church. BUT, there’s a but! You can walk slowly para medyo matagal..kaya lang in my case nagmadali yata ako.. haha! Sabi nung pianist ko hindi pa daw niya na-pplay yung chorus andun na ako sa may altar. Lol Wala, edi tinawanan ko na lang. haha! Ako kasi si madali ng madali e, kala mo lagi may hinahabol.


The Church’s painting is very awesome!!! Napaka ganda nya sa pictures believe me, kasi bagong renovate so the background effects, ay te! Winner! I’ll show you the pics on my next post ha?


  • The Reception. Ayaw ko na paglakarin and ipabayahe ng malayo yung mga guests namin so again, my Mom suggested to have the Reception in Pope Pius’ Function Room. It was just located at the second floor of their Main building. Malaki yung place but it’s pahaba.. so dulo to dulo talaga kami ng mga guests ko. Medyo dark din yung lights na ginamit, hindi sya yung lights na pang-wedding and pang intimate occasions.  But, then again it was a blessing in disguise. Alam nyo kung bakit? It was raining cats and dogs during my wedding day and I was hearing Alanis Morissette singing at the back of my head “It’s like Raaaii-iyyyheeeeen on your wedding day! It’s a freeee riiiiide when youre already paid.. ♪♫♪” lol it was the week kasi when the typhoon Nona hit the country so umulan talaga.. as in napaka lakas na ulan este bagyo! Ganern, ganern daw kadami ang blessings na mapupunta sa amin.  So thankful na din kami na we chose a reception which is just near the church at least the guests won’t have a hard time going there diba?


  • Catering services – It’s very  important to have a nice and cozy food on your wedding day. Though the couples won’t be able to savor every moment of it kasi nga busy kung busy talaga ang peg. We had Precious Events Catering Services for our food. It includes na 4 main dishes, Amenities, Sound System and lights, plus also the yummy cake. They have Wedding packages na that can suit your budget but you can also customize it. Jaimee is our contact person, and she owns the business. According to her it was just a hobby before,  until she decided to pursue it to a family business. She’s mabaet and very approachable. Napaka professional din kausap so I will really recommend her to you guys. And the food? 4.5 stars! The cake is also yummy, it’s a two-layered cake and the icing is the sugar icing. I prefer kasi sugar icing kesa fondant so naubos din sya ng guests. Sa sobrang sarap,  natikman lang naming sya during the slicing of the cake. Oha! Pero it’s okay. As long as the guests are busog and happy we’re totally fine with that. I’ll show you the pictures pag na-upload ko na. For the meantime, here’s her contact information.




  • Photo and Video Services –  We had JPC Photoworks for our Photo and Video Coverage. Nung una, I did not really want to have video kasi nga naisip ko a lot of people nowadays have good camera phones and they can just upload it through Instagram or FB, sayang naman ang bayad. But nagbago ang isip ko. So sabi ko mas maganda sana if there will be a professional photographer and videographer na kukuha sa amin. Some take note, only some of the photos turned out to be very nice. You can check their website, they edited some of the shots and so it turned out to look so nice pero other shots na nasa DVD copy hindi ko masyado nagustuhan.   Parang wala masyado emotions and also the edited video? I’ll give them talaga 2.5 stars lang!  I expected kasi  na maayos talaga sya, pero kung ako mag-eedit nun di hamak na mas maganda talaga ang kakalabasan. Parang  minadali na ewan yung results ng edited video. I don’t know if kulang ba sila sa tao or hindi sila magaling mag-edit. Tapos they did not inform us pa na the DVD that they will give to us is not going to be compatible sa DVD player. Pang computer lang sya mga bakla! The file is not compatible pag sinaksak mo sa DVD namin. I return to the original contract and it says there:

1 Dvd copy of all shots taken
1 Dvd copy of Highlight video. (4-6mins)

Yung highlight video na 4-6 minutes daw, wala pang 3 mins yung nsa amin! We paid 10K for their service pero I wasn’t really happy with the results. Sana nililinaw nila diba? When I talked to them ang sabi sa akin, the DVD daw is USB type where we can just transfer the file. I was like, “Huh? Wala naman yun sa contract te. Hindi yun ang naka-indicate sa website ninyo at sa Kontrata.” Di ko  na lang pinatulan kasi nakapagbayad na kami and nonsense na makipagtalo.

But wait meron pa, when we checked the video. WALANG KUHA ANG GROOM NA NAGLALAKAD SA ALTAR.

P*%$@$!& !!!! diba?!

Mapapamura ka talaga e. Ang sabi sa akin, late na daw sila nabigyan ng signal nung nag-aassist. Ano, kasalanan pa nung nag-aassist? Diba?! Kayo yung photographer e, dapat alam nila kung kelan sila pupunta sa unahan. Juiceko Lord, sabi ko sa inyo sumakit ang bangs ko.

Lesson? Make sure to set the right expectations to your photographers and  videographers. Etong mga nakuha ko kasi medyo mga bagets pa e, so feeling ko freelance freelance lang. Kumbaga hobby lang nila to tapos napagtripan gawing business. Ganern. Hay, nasasayangan talaga ako sa 10K ko. Feeling ko it was not worth it. I had to do the editing all by myself para mas magmukhang presentable yung wedding video ko.

So there you go guys, ayan na lang muna ang i-share ko sa inyo for the meantime. For my next post isunod natin yung DIY’s namin and also the gowns pati souvenirs and invitations. My wedding journey isn’t done yet.. more to come!


My opinion in this blog entry is based on my personal experience as a Bride and a Client. There is absolutely no intention to put down or criticize the abovementioned Organization and  Suppliers.

I shall Return. -Steph

I know..I know. Super duper over mega hyper tamad ko mag-update ng blog since last year. I have lots of stories to tell:

  1. How did my wedding go?
  2. Saab’s 3rd birthday
  3. Christmas and New Year
  4. Updates pa more about how my life went

Diba? I really wanted to show you the pictures during my wedding as in! But as you all know I did not hire a professional wedding planner and that leaves all the work to me. Di ko naman kasi akalain na ganun pala ka-stressful magplano ng sariling wedding no! Hayaan nyo next time I know na what to do. But I can say that it was really fulfilling. 🙂 I’d also share with you my ratings for my suppliers. I have so many utang blog posts na huhu.

Pagbalik ko kasi ng January aba! Yung mga trainings namin e back to back to back to back! Dinaig pa yung pagsalubong ng kamag-anak sa bagong uwi na OFW e. Ganun ang pagsalubong namin sa New Year! As in ganun na nakaka-pressure. Medyo bagong client kasi namin to kaya Big Deal kung Big Deal talaga. 🙂

So yeah, I’ll try my best to compose myself para I won’t be ngarag and I’d be able to share with you our Big Day. As of the moment, let’s enjoy muna the weekend. 🙂 hihi

Learnings during our Pre-Cana Seminar

Last Sunday, Martin and I attended our first ever Pre-Cana Seminar. This is one of the requirements of the Catholic Church prior to getting married. According to Wikipedia, Pre-Cana is derived from the verse of the Bible; Wedding at Cana where Jesus Christ turned the water into wine.

As husband and wife for more than three years, we thought we already know each other that well. Na we are doing our part 100%. But we are wrong, super ang dami namin na-realize when we attended the seminar. And ang pinaka masaya dun is that we were able to appreciate each other more. 🙂

The talk is done by The Family and Life Ministry Coordinators, Mr. Sam Uy and Mrs. Marina Uy. Nakakatuwa yung sharing nila about their married life. Hindi talaga Happy Ending ang Marriage, it is a consistent work-in-progress, a Lifetime Partnership and a Commitment not just to your spouse but also to God. Alam ko, parang hindi ako yung nagsasalita, pero kasi after attending the session parang it made us a changed person e, alam nyo yun? Mas na-appreciate ko talaga ang asawa ko ngayon and mas naintindihan ko ang roles namin pareho. I’ve also realized na mali pala talaga ang mag-expect ka na magbabago yung partner mo for you. Instead of asking GOD to change him, we should ask GOD to help us adjust sa sitwasyon. Diba? Parang mas madali nga naman yun.

When it comes to our children, it taught us na kahit naman hindi kami biyayaan ng madaming anak e it does not mean na hiwalayan na namin ang isa’t-isa. Kasi nga naman we decided to get married because of one thing: WE LOVE EACH OTHER. So bakit nga naman maghihiwalay kung hindi magka-anak hindi ba? (Kaya Steph, wag ka na daw ma-sad kung hindi ka mabuntis agad.) Tsaka I remember a post from Mommy Fleur’s blog, na dapat talaga yung spouse natin ang lagi natin inuuna. Kasi sooner or later mag-aasawa din yang mga anak natin, they will have their own life and family. Sa ayaw at sa gusto natin, hindi na tayo ang magiging priority nila pag tumanda na sila. Pero ang mga asawa natin, whether we like them or not andyan lang sila sa tabi natin. Kasi that’s what we promised e, diba? ‘Til death do us part. Pero, let me make it clear, hindi naman ibig sabihin nun ay pabayaan na ang mga junakis natin. Syempre hindi ganun yun. We have to take good care of them kasi nga they are God’s gift to us. It’s God’s way of saying na he trusts us to take good care of his children, to be the stewardess of his creation. Kaya we should also take good care of them and love them unconditionally. Ang bottomline lang naman is that even if you guys already have kids, you should not let your whole world revolve around your kids alone. Aminin kasi nating mga nanay, we have the tendency to ignore and take for granted our husbands pag meron nang mga anak kasi syempre iniisip natin is that mas kailangan tayo ng mga anak natin more that our spouse. Pero mali pala yun, isang nagiging reason ng failed marriage is that lack of communication and quality time with the spouse. Dapat once in a while we’ll have our quality time, simpleng movie, kaen sa labas, tamang CoCol (Coffee-Coffee lang) diba? Yung ganun? I figured out na between sa aming dalawa ni Martin he’s more thoughtful when it comes to mushy things like this. Ako kasi si OC e. Like I have na plans for the weekend, hindi pa nagsisimula yung week alam ko na yung dapat ko gawin by weekend. Kaya pag nag-aya yung isa decline ko agad kasi nga I’ve already planned for something else. Kaya pala minsan parang mas masaya sya pag mga friends namin yung kasama nya kasi parang at some point I became a boring wife. 😦 Pero aminado naman ako dun. Kaya nga we are very thankful that we were able to attend the seminar kasi mas naintindihan namin yung role ng isa’t-isa.

Kaya for soon-t-be-married couples out there wag nyo baliwalain yung Pre-Cana Seminar na yan. Super helpful yan sa pagiging buhay mag-asawa ninyo. Trust me. 🙂

Martin and Steph V2.0 #121915

So it’s final.

We’ll have our Church Wedding on the 19 of December this year. (insert happy face here)

I did not brag about it too much because 1) mahabang entry yun for sure and I don’t have the luxury of time to do that. 2) Nakaka-stress pala talaga ang mgprepare ng Wedding no? Seminars, Workshops, file ng kung ano anong papers dito at dun, and then interview with the Priest. 3) Hindi pa finalize yung list ng suppliers ko. 😦

But then, once in a lifetime lang naman tong Wedding namin. I mean, pangalawang wedding na pala namin to. The first one was in 2012, it was a civil wedding. And then we planned the church wedding this year but sa super busy namin ay (unfortunately) hindi ko masyadong natutukan. So yeah, mejo ngarag ang peg ko po.

Why did we choose to get married again? Honestly speaking, it was not really us who wanted the Church wedding. Considering kasi na we have Saab na and we have a lot of gastos e sasabay pa ba namin yung engradeng kasal? Diba, practicality wise na lang. But then again, bilang isang practicing Catholic ang Nanay ko sympre pinush nya yun. She told us kasi na iba talaga if may blessing na ng Church. Isa pa, I’m the eldest daughter daw and of course dream ng parents ko na maihatid naman ako sa altar hindi ba? Martin naman is the only son so syempre once in a lifetime lang din yung maghahatid si Mommy sa altar. Oh well, in short we gave in to what they want. Hindi naman sa ayaw talaga namin pero syempre may mga bagay lang kami na kino-consider. But then, dahil mahal ko ang mga magulang ko and I also wanted our marriage to be blessed e pumayag na kami. 🙂

Our My chosen date was on the 19th of December. 19 kasi is my favorite number, and it is actually the day after Saab’s birthday 🙂 Ang galing nga e, kasi Dec 18 2010 ko naging crush si Martin then ayun yung naging birthday ni Saab. Tapos after 5 years and 1 day, we’ll have our Church Wedding. Awwww everything’s falling into place. ♥ I shared it with Martin and okay naman sa kanya yung date. Ang lapit sa pasko at birthday ni Saab 🙂 triple celebration to in the coming years.

But the real stressor is, hindi pa nga kumpleto yung suppliers ko. anong petsa na?!

For Catering services we have My Precious Events. Our contact person namin is Jaimee Lee Maniquis. She is very helpful and mabaet to talk to. I met her once for the food tasting I’ll blog about the food we chose on a separate entry. It also includes the Lights and Sounds plus the 2 layered cake. Pero I’m having second thoughts pa sa cake kasi I think 2,500 is mahal. What do you think guys? hindi pa yan Fondant cake ah. Let me know if you know someone na nag-be-bake ng wedding cakes na affordable ang price. Feel free to comment or send me a message. 🙂

My Gown – The original plan talaga is for me to look RTW gowns in divi, but again weekends lang ang freetime ko and super kulang ang time namin every weekends because of household chores. So since I am so bright and practical I looked and searched online. For sure meron mas magaganda and mas maayos na wedding gowns out there. So yes! I got it from OLX, and according to the owner (Giselle) hindi talaga nagamit yung gown sa wedding, it was just used for a pictorial. (Perfect!) So there. Check na ang wedding gown ko, it just needs some dry-cleaning and alterations and we’re good to go. I’ll not show the pic here kasi I wanted it to be surprised. Simple lang sya guys as in simple lang. 🙂 Ang important naman kasi is not the gown, but it’s the sacrament of marriage itself duhba?!

For the Church – We chose St. Maria Goretti Parish in UN Avenue. I wanted to have it sana in Paco Park but I find it a bit pricey, so we looked for other options. Every girl yata is dreaming to have like a big and grand wedding but not for me. I don’t know, I feel kasi na hindi naman importante kung gaano ka-bongga ang wedding mo e. At the end of the day, you were able to celebrate it with the people who loves and supports your relationship. Simple lang the church, hindi sya ganun kalaki kasi we invited lang around 100 guests and hindi kasi maganda sa picture if hindi puno ang simbahan.



This is how it looks like from the inside :) nice naman diba? I can imagine placing the cherry blossom trees sa gilid ng aisle :) photo source:

This is how it looks like from the inside 🙂 nice naman diba? I can imagine placing the cherry blossom trees sa gilid ng aisle 🙂
photo source:

Theme – Ang theme will be rustic and vintage. Ayan ang uso ngayon. The chalkboards and vintage features ang in na in ngayon. 🙂 I have several ideas in mind and here are some cute photos I found from pinterest ♥

May Love Story timeline kami :)

May Love Story timeline kami 🙂

I like this idea kasi it’s simple yet classy ang dating. 🙂 And speaking of simple, the chalkboards? So mura lang in National Bookstore, paano pa kaya sa divi? hihi I can’t wait to go to divi with my BFF.

I love the idea of the hanging pompoms :P hihi

I love the idea of the hanging pompoms 😛 hihi

The Motif – I chose teal and coral. Idk , I find those colors so relaxing. Before, my idea of is to have blue and orange but I find the colors too strong e so I stick with teal and coral instead.

I like to be hands-on sa wedding namin. Kasi aside sa malaki ang matitipid namin is mas magiging memorable sya. We still have a lot of things to buy and to arrange. As in madami pa but I am really trying by best to compose myself and gather my thoughts. Breathe in, breathe out talaga mga beks. I’ll have updates once in a while and if you have suggestions if you also love to do DIY’s please teach me how. I’ll be so happy to learn. ♥

Love lots,


It was never really Love at First Sight

November 2010

They met as new colleagues at work. Her first impression for him? Too Obnoxious and Arrogant. His first impression for her? Quiet person, a woman with few words. Or, he thought so. She does not really liked him at all. The way he talks and acts seemed to be annoying for her. “He’s too loud. Too disturbing. Not my type of guy.” She said.

It was December of the same year, December 18, 2010 to be exact. It was the night when she suddenly realized that this person whom she calls Arrogant and Obnoxious would actually make her fall head over heels. He was wearing a white top that night and for some reason, she has a thing for guys who wear white. He looks so unblemished and good-looking. Very far from what she thought of the first time they met. For an unknown reason, they started talking, then sending each other messages through text andFacebook, then talking on the phone everyday, and then every night. Until they felt that there’s something magical that connects them.


It was not a fairytale kind of story. They started the relationship with a bumpy road. There were crossroads, tears, stop signs, a Yellow Big Bus that’ll hit you so hard. They were both in a relationship when they realized they already fell for each other. But they were both afraid to try again and give love a second chance. They were in their comfort zones and they are so careful of their hearts being broken again. They were so afraid to get heartaches from each other.

But then again, the magic of their love conquered every obstacle. After a lot of cryings and wrong decision-makings, regrets and trying. They decided to take it to the next level.

October 3, 2011 – The day that both of them could not ever forget. It was a rollercoaster of emotions. From shouting to talking things over and deciding what to do next. And so they both agreed, all relationships will not be perfect. No matter how rich and good-looking you are there will always be problems. It’s not going to be easy. They will – whether they like it or not will hurt each other unintentionally. Besides, nobody’s perfect.

Fast forward to April of 2012

They were like any other couples, they fight, they laugh, they travel together, they talk on the phone all night, they go out, they had a lot of misunderstandings on where to eat and to eat or not. Until one day she found out that she’s pregnant. “It was scary at first”, she thought. A lot of questions were asked inside her mind. She was scared, really scared. And when she told him, he could not believe it. He was staring into space for a few minutes. What was he thinking? She does not have any idea. But he looks more scared than she is.

Eventually it synced into their hearts and soul that they will become parents anytime soon. But then again, fate is frolicksome. Her pregnancy was not easy, she underwent an Operation because of abnormalities in her ovaries. But the happiest thought she’s holding onto is that she has both of them now. Therefore she needs to stay strong and live for them.

August 31, 2012

They both decided to get married for the first time. A Civil Wedding was held on her 25th Birthday. And as she looks back and reflect on her life goals, everything is falling into place without her even knowing.

She’s working with one of the best Companies in the Philippines, she was able to exercise her passion in teaching, and she was really enjoying her work. And now at the right age – the age where she pictured herself getting married to the man of his dreams it seemed like the wind whispered it to fate. It happened.

After a few months, a darling baby girl was born.

December 18, 2012

Exactly 2 years after the night she saw the Guy in sparkling white top. They were blessed with a healthy baby girl. And they named her, Isabella Sophia. (Isabella – Hebrew; God’s promise/Sophia – Greek; Wisdom) She was the apple of everyone’s eye. A smart, and charming baby girl who completes their world. They both adjusted to the challenges of parenthood. They fight as married couples, they back-up each other, they were each other’s strength and weakness.

Fast forward to the Present Day;

As I was typing our love story, I could not help myself but wonder how magical our Love Story was. Maybe we were unaware but it was fate which led us to where we are heading now. Our Love Story is not perfect nor it was always merry. But the funny thing is that, whenever the other is ready to give-up, the other one is not ready to let go. And maybe, just maybe that is the reason why we are still here together. Holding each other’s hand, kissing each other’s cheeks, and going home to where we should be – in each other’s arms.


You may visit our Wedding website where this story is originally posted.

Thanks for visiting!

Fab Five Friday – my TOP 5 blogs that I love to read

Happy Friday everyone 🙂

Since yesterday, I was gathering my thoughts on my most favorite blogs in the whole wide web. And since I was also trying to think of a “pakulo” here in my blog. Every Friday, there will be a Fab Five Friday. This can tackle anything under the sun, basta Top 5 lang sya. ♥

For this week, I thought of sharing with you the Top 5 blogs that I always read. Baket? Not only because of the popularity of it pero meron din kasing powers na mag-papastay talaga say’o and go over their blogs. And mind you, hindi ka magsasawa and you’ll find yourself reading their blogs kasi you can learn something from it. May moral and realizations, yung feeling na they don’t blog kasi they are trying to be “pa-shoshal”; they blog because they vent out, they share their thoughts and you will feel that may feeling talaga pag binasa mo. Keber kung Tagalog or English ang language, the important thing is they are able to express themselves. So let’s go over it and find out the reasons on why I love these blogs. ♥

TOP 5mom on duty by Mommy Kim

Why I like it?

Her blog tackles about Family and also DIY in terms of organizing stuff at home. Her passion in pursuing her love for blogging whilst taking good care of her family really inspires a lot of women. I also love her stories about parenthood and on how they are able to surpass the challenges that comes with it.

TOP 4 – mom life now by Sasha

Why I like it?

Prior to starting to blog again, I came across her page and her blog left me in awe. She’s in Cali living with her family including her two lovely kids. From her works, I meant photography and articulating her thoughts into words – she seemed like a pro. She’s a WAHM and I just don’t know how she is able to do it all, taking good care of her kids yet not getting tired of loving them. Napaka ganda ng thoughts ng blog nya. It made me realize how happy it is to be a parent and a wife.. no matter how tough it may sound. Everytime na I feel tired, I always read her blog and it surprises me cause it makes me realize a lot of beautiful things that I should be thankful for. She is very inspiring. Try nyo. 🙂

TOP 3 – TSN aka The Soshal Network

Why I like it?

Minsan, kailangan din natin tumawa, and when I say tumawa – tawa talaga! The blog is composed of three lovely Lady Lawyers lang naman. O diba?! Soshal na Soshal talaga. 🙂 These ladies are not only smart, they are also witty and funny. Ang dami kong tawa pag nagbabasa ako ng blog na’to. I found myself laughing alone, kahit nasa public place. One more thing, alam mo na when they blog it comes from their heart. ♥ iba e! May sipa. Ganun. So if they blog about something funny, you will really laugh until you fart. lol 😀

TOP 2 – go jackie go by Jackie Go

Why I like it?

Sabi nila, once you become a Mother mahirap na ibalik ang dating figure. E pero bakit si Jackie ang ganda ganda pa din? 🙂 Oy, hindi ko sya kilala personally ah. Pero she’s really pretty! I even asked her how she does it, yung maging fit and sexy kahit she already has 2 kids na. She inspires mothers like me to take good care of ourselves and our health. If you really want to, may way to do it. 🙂 Kaya, yes ako sa pagpapabalik ng abs even if you already gave birth. Yung height..uhm madami naman ako heels sa bahay. haha! 😀

TOP 1 –mommy fleur by Mommy Fleur

Why I like it?

Tulad ng ibang nanay, hindi tayo superheroes. There are times na mapapagod ka because of work, you’ll have warla with your hubby, you’ll get pissed off. Ayan, ganyan ka-totoo si Mommy Fleur. 🙂 When I first read her blog, I felt na this person is very true to herself. That this person is just like any other mom. And this person has connections with her readers. From the funny moments down to getting aligaga whenever your kid is getting sick. All of those ups and downs you can find in her blog. And the most important thing is that, I am learning something after reading her blog. I love it when she will blog something that made her mad but you’ll be able to read the following day na may realizations na kasunod. 🙂 Not just arte-arte blog, but blog that has a heart and soul. Naks! 🙂

So there, those are my Top 5 Favorite Blogs. Favorite not only na naka-save sila sa Favorite tab ko but I love reading their blogs because of the essence that it brings. And I hope, someday I will also be a successful blogger just like them. ♥

To my Favorite Bloggers,

Thank you for inspiring a lot of people. For sharing your thoughts and ideas about life, love, motherhood and everything. I hope that you guys will continue to inspire people across the globe through your blogging expertise. As a person, I have learned a lot by reading your blogs. Lessons on love, motherhood, even showbiz and on how to beautify our home. Thank you for being the guide and inspiration in this world called WEB. ♥


Steph ♥

Random Stories – Saab

It has been two freakin’ weeks since I last blogged. Gawd! The last two weeks were so darn busy. Last September 11, after posting my blog entry for that day my Mom sent me a text message telling me that Saab is having an upset stomach and fever. And so I had to go on half day emergency leave and rush her to Makati Med. 😦 For the second time this year, she had UTI na naman! Grabe, nakakawindang if your kid is sick. Buti na lang the Doctors and Nurses in MMC are very efficient and caring. Unlike other hospitals kasi whenever we rush her to ER it’ll take us 5-8 hours before namin malaman if something wrong is going on with her. Sa Makati Med, super sandali lang and the results of the tests are released right away.

Anyway, ayun nga she had UTI and so nag-antibiotic na naman kami. Pero she’s doing fine na naman this week thank God. After her, ako naman ang nagkasakit. I had asthma (literally, it takes my breath away..kahit ayoko!) Medyo naging okay na naman ako so back to normal na. Ayoko nga lang yung feeling na hingal na hingal ako when I get to work. Tapos I look pale pa. pffft.


Malapit na naman ang September, so gisingin na natin yung mga nagpapagising when September ends. 😛

Wala pa kaming Christmas decors sa bahay, I’m planning to do a make-over this weekend and I am crossing my fingers, dahil alam nyo naman as a Working Mom kulang and 24 hours a day para gawin ang mga dapat gawin.

I am also planning to buy a new Christmas Tree 🙂 Hindi pa nga lang ako nakakapunta ng Divi, alam ko dun mura e. Syempre I am super excited for Saab, given that this is going to be her 4th Christmas with us and she already has an idea about Santa.

Speaking of Saab, alam nyo ba she is very madaldal and whitty as a two-year old. Pati ako napapanganga sa mga naririnig ko sa anak ko. (insert guilty face here)  Kasi nga, I don’t get to spend a lot of time with her during weekdays because of work so weekends lang talaga ako nakakabawi. Pero even though, minsan magugulat na lang ako na alam na pala nya yung meaning mg politeness, minsan madalas din gumagaling na din sya mang-asar (parang Tatay nya lang!), mejo umaarte na din sya (parang nanay nya-ay ako pala yun.)

Eto Eksena #1

Saab and her Lola are talking..

SAAB: I am the Princess.

MIL: And I am the Queen.

SAAB: No, my Mom is the Queen. You are the King.

MIL: I am also a Queen, Daddy is the King.

SAAB: Yes, Daddy is the King… King of the Jungle! 😛


SAAB = 1 ; MARTIN = 0

Eksena #2

One time, Saab is playing with her toys when Martin changed the TV Channel.

SAAB: Mommy si Daddy, niyipat (nilipat) yun TV. 😦 That’s not for kids. violence! violence! (while covering her eyes)

MOMMY AND DADDY : Dedmadela mode

SAAB: Daddy, I want Disney Junior!

MOMMY AND DADDY: Again, dedmadela.

SAAB: This is sooo terrible!

MOMMY AND DADDY: (Nagkatinginan)  Ano daw? Terrible?!

SAAB = 2 ; MARTIN = 0

Hindi ko alam kung ano nakaen ng anak ko pero, namamangha ako sa mga bagay na alam nya.

Funny Friday

A short conversation with Hubby earlier this morning

Martin: Babe, ang laki na ni Saab no? Pwera usog.

Me: E sayo nakuha ang height e.

Martin: Buti na lang.

Me: Pero sa akin nakuha ang talino.

*End of Conversation* 🙂

Happy Friday everyone!

Post Birthday Entry and some Good News from my Fave Mommy Blogger

Ayan na nga ba ang sinasabi ko, lumipas na ang birthday ko hindi man lang ako nakapag-update ng blog. (insert sad face here) Napaka dami ko pa namang kwento!

Anyway, better late than never. Can I say that I have the most A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Friends and Family?! 🙂

I’d like to thank everyone who greeted me through FB, twitter, my blog, text message and e-mails.

ISANG MALAKING THANK YOU PO! 🙂 I have received a lot of blessings in life na minsan e hindi ko na-aappreciate kasi I am so busy counting my problems instead of blessings.

I told my officemates, parang I won’t be able to have a Very Happy Birthday kasi hindi pumasok sa pay ko yung bonus ko pero I was wrong, totally wrong. Madami pa pala talagang mas makakapag-pasaya sa isang mababaw na tao like me.

  1. Having the BEST MOM in the World who never fails to take care of me kahit na I have my own family na. Yung tipong isang text ko lang na, “Ma, pupunta sila Josica dyan mamaya, luto mo ko spag.”  – Walang ka-abog-abog na magluluto for me and for my friends. Thank you so much Mama! I am so lucky na ikaw yung naging Nanay ko. 🙂 And Mas na-appreciate kita lalo when i became a Mom myself. I owe my life to you. I love you to bits Mama! 🙂
  2.  Like what the old saying says “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.

    Ayan po, sila yung mga friends ko. Ang gulo gulo diba? (L-R) Cyd,Bo, Josica, Cha and Me

    Ayan po, sila yung mga friends ko. Ang gulo gulo diba?
    (L-R) Cyd,Bo, Josica, Cha and Me

     (L-R) Jeff, My Hubby - Martin, Marvin, and Cyd (again!)

    Jeff, My Hubby – Martin, Marvin, and Cyd (again!)

    As I go along life’s journey and blog about everything about me, mas makikilala nyo pa sila. And you’ll be so surprised how amazing these people are. We had an early Birthday Celebration in Yakimix. It was my first time to eat there, sadly I was not able to enjoy everything that my eyes saw. 70% yata kasi ng food puro seafood, e allergic ako. Ayun, ihaw-ihaw na lang ako ng BBQ tsaka kmaen na lang ako ng madaming desserts ♥ I Thank God for giving these crazy people in my life. Tried and tested na kasi ang friendship namin, dumaan na kami sa madaming pagsubok and the best part? We learned from each other. Kaya naman ngayon, mas clingy pa sila lalo. 🙂 Hihi

  3.  I have a demanding job. Not because I am working for a Private company pero dahil demanding talaga sya, period. Yung Stress Level ko minsan mas matangkad pa sa kin pero I am thankful that I have my Team with me. BTW, all-girls po kami. lol 🙂



Ayan ang treat nila sa’kin last Wednesday, simpleng lunch lang but it turned out to be one of the BEST LUNCHES I’ve had. 🙂 Ang babait nila ano?

4. Matagal na talaga ako nag-bblog pero kasi I stopped dahil super busy ko ngang tao. Considering that I have my own family na din and I am working full-time. Pero, one of my hobbies is to read blogs until early this year I came across Mommy Fleur’s Blog. I was inspired to continue my passion in writing and expressing myself. I realized na hindi hadlang ang pagiging busy kung gusto mo talaga ang ginagawa mo and if it’s for yourself, for you to become  who you really are. So naging ritual ko na ang pagbabasa ng blog nya cause I find it therapeutic especially pag stressed ka sa mga bagay-bagay. I super admire her because she juggles work, family and her love for doing small things for herself nang naka-heels! That’s why I so love her talaga! Pramis! Tapos, she had a contest for her readers.. e syempre isa ako dun so I joined at wag ka! I won. 🙂 hahahaha

You can read the full details here. 🙂

Ang saya diba?

5. Lastly, my birthday won’t be complete without the love of my life. ♥ (Aside kay Martin syempre!)


My Darling Isabella 🙂 Ang wish ko for my birthday, basta healthy ka lang lagi and wag ka magkakasakit okay na ako dun. You are the greatest present I have received in my life and I won’t trade you for anything else. Iba na talaga pag nanay ka na ano? Dati kasi ang wish ko, new shoes, new bag, I want to travel.. but when I had Saab everything revolves around her na. Even the Happy Birthday song sounded very special if she was the one who’s singing it. 🙂

Above all, I thank God for giving me another year to celebrate with my loved ones. Another year to meet new friends, all across the globe (that’s you!) and learning new things together.

It was indeed, a Happy Birthday for me! ♥