I shall Return. -Steph

I know..I know. Super duper over mega hyper tamad ko mag-update ng blog since last year. I have lots of stories to tell:

  1. How did my wedding go?
  2. Saab’s 3rd birthday
  3. Christmas and New Year
  4. Updates pa more about how my life went

Diba? I really wanted to show you the pictures during my wedding as in! But as you all know I did not hire a professional wedding planner and that leaves all the work to me. Di ko naman kasi akalain na ganun pala ka-stressful magplano ng sariling wedding no! Hayaan nyo next time I know na what to do. But I can say that it was really fulfilling. 🙂 I’d also share with you my ratings for my suppliers. I have so many utang blog posts na huhu.

Pagbalik ko kasi ng January aba! Yung mga trainings namin e back to back to back to back! Dinaig pa yung pagsalubong ng kamag-anak sa bagong uwi na OFW e. Ganun ang pagsalubong namin sa New Year! As in ganun na nakaka-pressure. Medyo bagong client kasi namin to kaya Big Deal kung Big Deal talaga. 🙂

So yeah, I’ll try my best to compose myself para I won’t be ngarag and I’d be able to share with you our Big Day. As of the moment, let’s enjoy muna the weekend. 🙂 hihi

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