18 going on 28

I’m just counting the days and I am eventually 2 years from getting 30 years old. They say 28 is too young. There will be a lot of realizations and lessons that I will come across as I grow older. And yes, they are apparently right. Actually, even if I don’t wait to be a 30-year old career woman I have learned and still learning a lot of things about life.



Last night I had the advance Birthday Celebration in Yakimix. It was my first time to try out their buffet, mejo mas feel ko ang Vikings pa din or Dad’s. Probably because most of the food available in Yakimix are seafood, e I am allergic to seafood so di ko ma-enjoy at baka maisugod ako sa Makati Med ng di oras.

Anyway, though I just made myself busy eating more of the desserts I just realized that I am lucky to have our friends around us. Sila yung tipo ng tao na every Friday mararamdaman mo ang pagka-clingy. Kahit 8 hours na kami magkakasama sa opisina they would always make kulit to spend time with them. Like simple dinner lang or merienda tapos madameng kwento. Happy na kami nun. At napapadalas, overnight sila sa bahay. The boys are downstairs playing xbox while us girls will stay upstairs making chismis and looking after Saab hanggang sa makatulog na lang kami lahat. 🙂

I have gained a lot of friends but not everyone is there to stay, not everyone is there to be with you during your darkest days. Siguro swerte lang talaga kami ni Martin because we have friends like them. 🙂

My partner in crime - FOREVER

My partner in crime – FOREVER

We don’t have the perfect relationship. We are neither perfect. But we are perfect for each other ♥ Naks! haha

As I turn 28 on Monday, it will also be our third Wedding Anniversary. Ang bilis no? It has already been three years since we made our promise to each other to stay together for better or worse, in sickness and in health until death do we part. Nandyan yung tipong  mgkakasakit si Saab and we are left with no choice but to look after her kahit na puyat na puyat na kami. Andyan din yung papasok bigla yung mga tao from the past, at biglang wiwindangin ka. Meron din kami experience na we struggled financially and he needs to look for another job na minsan e di na kami nagkikita because of differences in our schedules. But I can say na we’re getting stronger as years pass us by. We are wiser and braver. We learned to prioritize things. We taught each other how to listen and understand. And most importantly, he taught me that the road to married life is always under construction – it’s always in progress. ♥

Lastly, my life will not be complete without Isabella. 🙂


She literally changed my entire life. From the way I handle things hanggang sa decision-making. She definitely made me a better person inside and out. Hindi man agad ibigay ni GOD yung wish ko na magkaroon ng second baby, I am still thankful that I have this bumble bee in my life. Dati ang dali ko umiyak pag pagod na ako sa work, but now that we have Saab bawal na yun. 🙂 I need to compose myself and learn the duties of Motherhood. I am not a perfect Mom, and I can bravely say that no one is a perfect Mom. We all have our shortcomings but the luckiest part of it is that no matter how imperfect we may look at ourselves,  in their innocent eyes we are always the perfect people.

Being 28 does not feel bad after all. 🙂 Knowing I have these treasures that money can’t buy.

10 thoughts on “18 going on 28

  1. Janice says:

    Happy birthday and happy anniversary! 🙂 Looks like you’ve already received a lot of blessings in your life but I wish you’ll have more to come. And it’s true, you’ll learn more about life as time passes by. 🙂 Enjoy the journey!

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