It’s back to work Mommy!

I only had like 4 hours of sleep last night. I need to get up at around 4 AM to get ready for work, in addition to that I couldn’t sleep right away last night because;

1) Saab wouldn’t want me to leave her in bed 😦 so I needed to sneak out of the room and I was left with no choice but to leave her crying with my MIL. (Oh poor baby, I wish Mommy has all the time to spend it with you)

2) I could not sleep well because apparently my husband was watching the Wimbledon Finals. Though I think that it was really a good game. 🙂

3) I was able to do all half of our laundry, cleaned the living room and dusty staircase 🙂 Ohhh-emm-gee that felt heaven. I felt productive last Sunday. 🙂 #happymom #missionaccomplished

4) We get to bond with our little girl last Saturday and watched The Minions 🙂 It was super duper fun. I find Saab so funny whenever she imitates how the minions talk like the “Bah-nanah” hahaha 😀 Here’s her happy face last Sunday. It was raining so she was not able to show off her backless dress and my husband made her wear her jacket instead. Regardless, she still looks adorable! 🙂 ♥

Isn't she lovely?

Isn’t she lovely?

So, it’s Monday. Yeah I know, it was like two weeks after I blogged again (boo). As much as I’d like to blog everyday but my hectic schedule won’t let me. I’ve said this before, being a mom is a LOT of hard work. Period.

This week, we are expecting another new hire class for our Account. It means, more work and more work and trainings. I am enjoying it though, I know I super love my job next to my family but sometimes I wish I could get to spend more time with Saab. Instead of teaching other people, I badly wanted to teach my daughter a lot of things. The alphabets, nursery rhymes, pronunciations and stuff like that.

I wonder how other working supermoms do all the juggling of tasks at home, at work and their personal life.

8 thoughts on “It’s back to work Mommy!

  1. Lorly says:

    Am a working mom too. Can totally relate to everything! There is no hard fast rule about it. It helps me to get my priorities straight at all times then I know which one to focus on at what time.

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