Steph goes to Cagbalete, Quezon! ♥

I was so excited to share with you my experience in Cagbalete, Quezon last weekend. Me and my team went there for our post-summer outing which was delayed many times. It was the first time to visit the place, though I’ve been to Quezon few years back but not in Cagbalete Island itself.

Of course, prior to visiting the place I googled it and see where in the map can I locate it. And I was excited! I mean, it’s literally near the Pacific Ocean already! This is another beach moment for me! 🙂 Though I was kinda sad because hubby and Saab won’t be able to join me in this trip. We’ll probably go there again once Saab is around 4 or 5 years old.

We left Manila around 5AM and arrived at Mauban, Quezon at 10:30 AM. We were supposed to ride the Ferry that will bring us to the Island, unfortunately it left earlier than expected. So we had no choice but to rent a private boat. It costs Php 4,500 back and forth. So we took our chances. But first, we had to buy food at the nearest market. And since I don’t have any talent in doing shopping in public market, I had my other team members to do it! After lunch, we waited in 7-11 store. I think it took them 1 and a half hour to buy everything, some fish, meat, drinks, etc. (So I highly suggest you do the groceries early in the morning or else, there will be no liempo (pork belly) available) – this made me sad 😦

At around 1 PM, we rode the boat from Mauban port going to Villa Noe Resort. It was a 45 to 1 hour boat ride but you won’t get bored since you’ll get to feel the breeze on your skin. So prepare your headset and listen to some good, nice music while enjoying the boat ride! 🙂

When we arrived, it was low-tide so the beach is gone.

This is how the island will look like at around 12 nn to 5-ish PM. amazing isn't it?

This is how the island will look like at around 12 nn to 5-ish PM. amazing isn’t it?

We had to walk like 500 meters from the boat (since they cannot get any closer to the shore) going to the shore. Imagine that, we’re like crossing the Red Sea with all our baggage haha! 😀 It was fun though, we managed to walk in the flood-like beach. (oops! be careful of Sea urchins, they might be hiding in the seaweeds)

Just enjoy the moment ♥ walking in low-tide beach is fun and one of a hell experience!

Just enjoy the moment ♥ walking in low-tide beach is fun and one of a hell experience!

Finally! after a 15-20 minute trekking in the beach! We reached the shoreline! Hurray! ♥ 🙂


With Pleasant and Magic here!


We were really dead-tired but it was fun and such an experience! When we arrived, electricity is not available yet. (it runs from 6PM – 6AM) So we decided to get dirty and played volleyball instead. 🙂 just like what we do when we were kids and it’s brown-out 🙂

At around 4 PM, we already decided to cook for dinner. We had to use charcoal for cooking like we are camping. (minus the bonfire) *insert sad face here* My gosh! it took us like almost forever to cook everything since they lack the grill, so we were literally sharing the grills with the other guests.

While eating dinner, it rained! Not that hard but it lasted for 30 minutes. My gosh, imagine eating dinner in a Nipa hut, and it’s raining, and there’s the beach plus the cool breeze! -Priceless! It was presko and simple lang. 🙂 I wanted to push the Pause button.

After dinner, I felt like I REALLY NEED A SHOWER! Guess what?! Water Supply is not stable. They use water tank for their water so it needs to get filled with water first before you can take a bath. Talk about camping. But don’t worry I was able to take my shower. It requires a lot of patience though. *wink

I was not able to enjoy the beach that night since I felt tired already from the long trip so I decided to sleep early. (hey! put on some mosquito repellent before going to bed)

For those who likes and enjoys camping, you guys can bring your own tent with you! 🙂

In the morning, I was so sad that I was not able to jog. 😦 woke up around 7 AM and had our breakfast. Afterwhich we proceeded with our Team activities (it’s like our won version of amazing race) It was fun even if we lost, because we were able to do teamwork. So it’s okay lang!

After the team activities, we were able to enjoy the magical beach! 🙂 We didn’t have the time to do snorkeling 😦 and island hopping so I was really sad. We lack time. *sigh* But you can bring your own googles and underwater camera to see the beauty of nature underneath! 🙂

And you know what? Stars in Quezon can also be seen under the water, you just need to look down and enjoy the view! Talk about starfish ★

Cagbalete Island is MUST to visit. You will really enjoy the place especially if you are up for adventures. I will definitely go back, and hopefully I’ll be able to bring Saab and Martin with me 🙂

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