To my Husband and to my Dad on Father’s Day ♥

I may not have the time to blog about Father’s Day this weekend as I am scheduled on an out of town trip. But of course, I won’t let Father’s Day pass without greeting and thanking the two important men in my life right now.

First to my Dad, who is ALWAYS there for me since I was a kid. I’d like to thank you Papa for being the “BEST” Father that you can be. I’d like to thank you for teaching me the importance of discipline, as a kid I felt that you didn’t love us the way that other Dads loved their kids. It’s very seldom that you play with us, you will always get mad when we get our hands dirty, you always asks us to do the dishes as a teenager instead of going on a movie. You wouldn’t allow us to go on a date when I was 15. You will always question every guy that I talked to when I was in Highschool.  You want us to be home when the clock strikes 9. You will ask us to help Mom do the laundry instead of lying in bed during weekends. Doing all of these made me realize the importance of having a Father in my life. At least there is one man who is brave enough to mold me into a responsible woman. Thank you Dad.


When I got married, and had my fair share of being a parent I was able to realize that you and Mama did a very good job in raising us. I didn’t know that this is going to be that hard and challenging to start a family. I am still amazed by how you guys were able to juggle work, family and your marriage. Thank you Papa, I can say that all your hardwork paid off. 🙂 I love you Dad, Happy Father’s Day! (Please make me hatid later at 3 in the morning) 😛 hihihi on a serious note though, I’m thankful you’re my Dad. ♥

Dearest Hubby,

Let me greet you first a Happy Father’s Day! I knoooow.. we should have celebrated it together with Saab. But don’t worry, we’ll just make bawi (probably next weekend).

Babe, you are doing a great job on being a Daddy to our little girl. You just don’t know how teary-eyed I get whenever I see the both of you having your own special moment together. My heart is melting when the two of you laugh your hearts out. ♥ That’s when I realize that I really love our family. I love seeing the three of us giggling and tickling each other until we fall on the floor. Thank you Babe, for providing us what we need. For being not “pasaway” na husband. For listening to my rants yet bringing out the best in me. For being the BEST FATHER that you can be. When we were still dating, I thought to myself that my feelings for you will soon pass because you’re not like the “boyfriend material” that I was looking for. And yes, I was right. I think you’re far from being  a boyfriend material – because you make a Good Husband and a Perfect Daddy. ♥ So yeah, you’re not a boyfriend material. Haha! 🙂


Baby, we have a long way to go in this journey. But I know we can get through every challenges that life will offer. Continue to be mabaet, understanding, funny and sweet (in your own ways). I’m sure Saab is really proud that you are his Daddy. ♥


Nobody’s perfect so it’s okay to make some mistakes sometimes. 🙂 I’m not a perfect Mom too. I Love you Babe! Happy Father’s Day.

And to all Rockin’ Fathers out there, Happy Happy Father’s Day!

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