Battle Scars

Philippines is now experiencing the summer heat. It is literally hot during these times. Most people would love to spend their time on the beach or pools. Some would love to explore the undiscovered, never-heard islands of the country, bathe under the heat of the summer sun not to mention explore the beauty of one of the BEST beaches in the world – BORACAY. I’ve been there once, I remember it was about three years ago when I first saw and experienced the glamour of the place. It seemed that we were brought to a dream paradise. Lots of clubbing, a lot of fun and extreme activities, abundant natural resources and most of all countless laughter.

After Boracay, I haven’t gone to any exquisite beach again.. and by the end of this month me and my husband together with friends plan to go and explore the beauty of the Northern Beach of Philippines – Pagudpod. One of the things that popped on my mind was “What am I going to wear? Of course my old bikini won’t look good at me anymore because of the scars and stretch marks I have. I can use the one-piece I wore last year but I already have this flabby-fat-abdominal area. Unless of course I get a tummy-tuck before the end of the month.” But that is so impossible of course. First, I don’t have the luxury to go to a high-class, known surgeons who can do something about it. Second, I looked infront of the mirror and I saw a woman –  a woman who has this funny flabby thing along her abdominal area, stretch marks embarked on her tummy – which used to be so flat and so skinny. (But that was long ago of course.) The reality is, I was able to carry a healthy baby girl inside my womb for nine-long months. Which is the reason for those beautiful stretch marks. And those scars? It tells more than pain, it speaks LOVE, HOPE and LIFETIME COMMITMENT. And then I finally realized that I don’t really need to look good by wearing my bikini this summer –  every mother is beautiful in her own ways.

We are beautiful because we earned those scars, we have achieved the trademark of motherhood that not all women are lucky to have. We may not have all the money in the world to afford the tummy-tuck for the summer but I have the greatest gift and my number one fan. That one person who would ask a million times “Mommy what’s that?” while pointing at the scar I have. That one person who doesn’t really care if I looked like a mess while I feed her or bathe her. That one person who sees me as a beautiful princess with her blanket as my cape and her tiara as my crown. That one person who would touch my no-make-up-and-concealer face and say “I love you mommy” at the end of everyday. And now, I’d say that it doesn’t really matter if I go to the beach and flaunt what I have. It’s the battle scars of being a mom so I am proud of it.


credits to – for the beautiful and inspiring photo

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