pre-birthday jitters of a Mom

How long can I keep you under my wings?

How long can I keep you under my wings?

Dearest Isabella,

The innocence in those two small eyes bewitch me. The smile from your pink lips fascinates me. The way you look at me is a treasure. How long can I keep you under my wings?

If some fancy time-traveling machine would take me back to the priceless moments we had together, I think a day is not enough. Whenever I look back, I still wonder how we were able to get pass the heartaches we had together. There you are, feeding your dolls, fixing your little nook and kissing each stuffed animal you have. I looked at you and my heart is full.

In the long run, I know I have to let you go. Your transformation from a cocooned caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly will be such a bliss. To see you spread those colorful wings and deliver happiness wherever you go is as priceless as you look me in the eyes. However, now that my fragile baby is with me, I’d like to keep you for as long as I can.

You are this sweet cupcake who sprinkles laughter and scoops out a cup of pure happiness in our lives. You are my precious little sunshine, your daddy’s little girl, Hatton’s bestfriend, your grannies’ joy, your aunt and uncle’s real life toy, your ninang’s little superstar. You hold a piece of our hearts  that no one else can fill.

Happy Birthday my darling Isabella!

my precious Isabella

My  darling Isabella

Under the Christmas tree

Under the Christmas tree

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