The act of being nice

My friends often told me how mean I am most of the time, but I don’t take it seriously. I just laugh with them since I know that in a girl world, 90% of the time there will be rumors and gossips about someone you don’t like, or probably someone who does not dress well, speaks well, or it could probably be any random stranger. Let us admit it, it’s human nature to criticize. Even the hottest celebrities in Hollywood has critics. But when does criticism becomes inappropriate?

Criticism has it’s pros and cons. For those who are well-focused on improvement, they would actually take criticism in a positive outlook. This can be based on the improvement of their teaching strategies, improvement on customer satisfaction, or improvement of the company. Others would see criticism as something that can downgrade or affect their superiority complex and make them feel that they are inferior.

The bottom line  is, criticism can be projected as something good if it was followed by an action to improve on a specific weakness or shortcoming. It can be tagged as something negative if you will just stop because you are bad at it. Why not do something to make you good at it?

We all criticize, at the back of our mind we are all critics. But we feel bad if we were the ones being criticized. Funny. So this is me saying, “The BEST feeling in the world is to do the things that others tell you , you cannot do.”

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