When I was a kid, I dreamt of becoming a Doctor. I picture myself working in a Hospital, curing and helping those who are sick. For sometime, it has been my greatest motivation in life. Even my parents used to have that idea, that someday after college they’ll have a daughter who will  pursue medicine. But my life is already written before I knew it, I never became a Doctor nor pursued medicine (I took BS Biochemistry though, and  BS Psychology in college).

I suddenly realized that the person I always wanted to be is “almost” the exact person that I am now. I got bored studying the origin of life and understanding the biochemicals and neurotransmitters in the human body. I was exposed to exploring the different behaviors of people, why and how they behave and how did it lead to such actions. It was fun I would say. I was surprised and glued to my three-inched Theories of Personality books, reading the theories of Freud and Carl Jeung, understanding child’s behavior from Jean Piaget, and memorizing and figuring-out Erik Erikson’s Theory.

Though I am not working in a big, successful Hospital, I was able to reach my dreams one step at a time. Getting the job career I’ve wanted, being an English Trainer in one of the most successful companies in the world. Walking the streets of a lovely city everyday, relating to other people and imparting them my knowledge and experience, getting married to the man who made my life worth living lastly, being a mom to the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen on earth.

The 27 years of existence is gift from GOD. I’ve learned, and still learning a lot. I’ve met people who made me and molded me to become a better person.

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