To Saab, From Mommy

I still cannot wrap my hand and heart around it-it seems like it was just yesterday when your arrival made us a family of three..but here it is.

Like any normal family, we had our ups and downs but thankfully, the good outweighed the bad. You’ve come out of your shell and begun to show us your personality a little bit at a time. Like a sponge, you soak everything up and then test up your new found knowledge eagerly the first chance that you get. Counting from one to twenty, or singing along to any Barney song become your favorite things to do. Even sending unreadable messages to mommy’s phone contacts and manages to remove my favorite photos from my phone, it amazes me to no end how skilled you are at using it.

Your smile can light up a room and never fails to brighten up my day no matter how tired or stressed out I am. You have learned about compassion and your kisses, hugs, accompanied by pats on the back have comforted me.

Now, I can no longer imagine my life without you in it. Yes, it is and will never be easy being your mom but it cannot also be happy and contented without you in my life. I love you to the moon and back Isabella, and even if you are already 18 years old you will always be my baby.

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